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How to find a Zip Code

Finding the postal codes you need for your post is as simple as few clicks. First select your country of choice to be taken to a list of the administrative divisions of that country. Then select the area where you are trying to send your letter for a list of the available zip codes for that area.

Not sure of the country or the administrative division to choose? Or your country/region is missing in the list? Try entering the address into the search at the top of the page to lookup the right code to use. Also available, try using our country map to find your needed zip/postal code.

CityCountyPostal Code
HoltsvilleSuffolk County NY00501
HoltsvilleSuffolk County NY00544
AdjuntasAdjuntas Municipio PR00601
AguadaAguada Municipio PR00602
AguadillaAguadilla Municipio PR00603
Aguadilla PR00604
Aguadilla PR00605
MaricaoMaricao Municipio PR00606
AnascoAnasco Municipio PR00610
Angeles PR00611
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