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Guaynabo Postal Code, Guaynabo, PR, Guaynabo Municipio

Guaynabo Zip Code, Use our postal code lookup for every country around the world. Complete list of zip codes and all administrative divisions for countries.

Zip/Postal Code00969
Primary CityGuaynabo
Acceptable Cities
Unacceptable CitiesAlt De Santa Maria, Alt De Torrimar, Alt De Torrimar Este, Bosque De Los Frailes, Chalets De Altavista, Chalets De Santa Clara, Colinas De Guaynabo, Colinas De Parkville, Colinas Metropolitana, Est Del Parque, Est Reales, Ext Parkville, Ext Santa Paula, Ext Terrs De Guaynabo, Mans De Alejandrino, Mans De Guaynabo, Mans De Santa Paula, Mans Reales, Parq De Bucare, Parq De Bucare Ii, Parq San Ramon, Parq Torremolinos, Qtas Reales, Repto La Esperanza, Terrs De Guaynabo, Urb Alto Apolo, Urb Alto Apolo States, Urb Apolo, Urb Baldwin Mansions, Urb Baldwin Park, Urb Bellomonte, Urb Bucare, Urb Bucare Gdns, Urb Cerro Real, Urb Colimar, Urb Collegeville, Urb El Alamo, Urb El Jard De Guaynabo, Urb El Palmar De Torrimar, Urb Frailes Sur, Urb Highland Gdns, Urb Juan Ponce De Leon, Urb La Colina, Urb La Lomita, Urb La Villa De Torrimar, Urb Los Frailes Sur, Urb Mallorca, Urb Monte Alvernia, Urb Monte Olimpo, Urb Munoz Rivera, Urb Oasis Gdns, Urb Palma Real, Urb Parkville, Urb Pineiro, Urb Ponce De Leon, Urb San Francisco Javier, Urb San Ramon, Urb Santa Clara, Urb Santa Paula, Urb Sierra Berdecia, Urb Terranova, Urb Tierra Alta I, Urb Tierra Alta Ii, Urb Tierra Alta Iii, Urb Torremolinos, Urb Torrimar Est, Villa Avila, Villa Clementina, Villa Lissette, Villas Del Parque, Villas Reales, Vistas De Guaynabo
CountyGuaynabo Municipio
Area Codes787,939
World RegionNA
Estimated Population 20150

How to find a Zip Code

Finding the postal codes you need for your post is as simple as few clicks. First select your country of choice to be taken to a list of the administrative divisions of that country. Then select the area where you are trying to send your letter for a list of the available zip codes for that area.

Not sure of the country or the administrative division to choose? Or your country/region is missing in the list? Try entering the address into the search at the top of the page to lookup the right code to use. Also available, try using our country map to find your needed zip/postal code.

What ZIP Codes Are and How they Work

There are three main parts of the 5-digit ZIP Code—the national area, the region or city, and the delivery area. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has segmented the country into 10 ZIP Code areas. Starting in the northeast, they are numbered 0-9.

Reading a ZIP Code

After the first number in a ZIP Code is assigned, the USPS assigns the next two numbers according to city. If a region has a main town or city, the USPS will often assign it the first ZIP Codes. After that, the ZIP Codes will proceed alphabetically.

The first three digits of a ZIP Code together usually indicate the sectional center facility to which that ZIP Code belongs. This facility is the mail sorting and distribution center for a zone or area. Some sectional center facilities have multiple three-digit codes assigned to them. For example, the Northern Virginia sectional center facility in Merrifield is assigned ZIP Codes beginning in 220, 221, 222, and 223.

The fourth and fifth digits of the ZIP Code represent the area of the city or town. For example, if a letter is received with a ZIP Code of 47722, the USPS can know that it's in Indiana (4), it's in Vanderburgh county (77), and it's in the area of the University of Evansville (22).

ZIP Codes are Lines, Not Shapes

ZIP Codes are not drawn according to state boundaries. In fact, since they are designed only to increase mailing efficiency, ZIP Codes can and do cross county and state boundaries. For example:

Although most ZIP Codes can be roughly assigned to a geographic area, ZIP Codes do not represent geographic regions; ZIP Codes denote address groups or delivery routes. Because of this, ZIP Code "areas" can overlap, be contained within another ZIP Code, or have no geographic area. For example ZIP Codes that start with 095 are assigned to the Navy, and therefore have no geographic location. Similarly, areas without regular postal routes (rural route areas) or areas with no mail delivery (undeveloped areas), are not assigned ZIP Codes. They are based on sparse delivery routes, so the boundary between ZIP Code areas there is indefinite.

You can see our instructions on how to find county by ZIP Code. In cases where ZIP Codes cross county lines, SmartyStreets displays the default county in the line labeled ‘County Name’ and include an additional line labeled as ‘Alternate Counties’.

ZIP+4 Codes

In 1983, the USPS changed its ZIP Code system to include the new ZIP+4. A ZIP+4 Code uses the basic five-digit code plus four additional digits to for a full 9 digit ZIP Code. The full ZIP Code identifies a small delivery segment such as a street, a city block, a group of apartments, or even an individual address that receives a high volume of mail. The ZIP+4 Code is not required and is usually calculated automatically when the mail is sorted and processed.

As a rule, each Post Office Box has its own ZIP+4 Code. The +4 on the ZIP Code is often the last four digits of the box number, zero plus the last three digits of the box number, or, if the box number is less than 4 digits, zeros followed by the box number. Since there is this variance, the ZIP+4 Code must be looked up individually for each Post Office Box.

Not all USPS deliverable addresses have a ZIP+4 Code assigned to them. For those addresses, geocoding lookups or address validation that require a ZIP+4 may not succeed. Even though the USPS might not provide accurate geocodes for those addresses, SmartyStreets can still provide roof-top level geocodes for most addresses in the US.

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